The ‘African miracle’

Botswana’s reputation is due to its vast desert spaces, bed sheet Y saline s, the beauty of its Parks, its cozy villages, as well as the incredible wealth of fauna , of artistic traditions and Natural attractions from the country.

Botswana offers all kinds of ecosystems and different National Parks to visit, from humid and semi-tropical chobe park on the banks of the Zambezi River, and only 50 miles from Victoria Falls, passing through the Okavango Delta , unique in the world, to the end of the central park of the Kalahari or the largest salt flats in the world, Makgadikgadi .


This National Park is known worldwide as one of the best destinations to appreciate African fauna.

In Chobe NP you can observe all kinds of predators, including lion and leopard. In addition, you can go on a safari late in the day by boat, at sunset, and just a few meters from elephants, hippos, buffaloes and crocodiles among others.

Definitely a MUST VISIT from Botswana.



The Republic of Botswana is dominated by the Kalahari Desert, which covers practically the 70% of the surface land of the country.

It stretches from Botswana to Namibia and South Africa, and contrary to what it may seem, it is not a desert in the strict sense of the word.

Get in touch with the bushmen , the authentic inhabitants of the Kalahari, and know their customs and culture.



Like walking on the moon. The Makgadikgadi salt flats, located in the north of the country, are one of the biggest in the world and they are spread over much of Botswana. These salt flats were formed when the great Makgadikgadi Lake dried up thousands of years ago.

In the dry season you can enjoy the largest migration of zebras from all over Africa . In the wet season, the salt flats become wetlands that host a wide variety of fauna, and even the great flamingo migration .


The jewel of the Kalahari. Declared as World Heritage In 2014, and located in the Northwest of the country, this delta receives water from the Okavango River and does not flow into a sea, but instead empties into a much drier plain, the Kalahari desert. AND it’s the second inland delta in the world in size, with an area of 18,000 km2

Lush with greenery and wild life , its islands are accessible practically only by plane and are home to the Most exclusive lodge of the world. Travel its canals in an authentic Mokoro, the star transport of the Okavango.


Discover our NGANGANE animal reserve, located just 45 min. from Francistown , in the east of the country. A different and familiar way to enjoy all that Africa has to offer without giving up all the services of a authentic and exclusive Lodge. Unlike National Parks, where mobility is severely limited, we invite you to explore the farm without restrictions by quad, 4×4 or even on foot.

In addition, we have our own Landing track in the middle of the reservation, so you can move in plane from anywhere in South Africa.




Botswana, like the rest of the African countries, has a very small number of rhinos. Being few and being extremely protected It is not always easy to see them in their National Parks.

This animal sanctuary was established in 1992 to help save rhinos from extinction and is the black and white rhino habitat as well as 30 other species of mammals and about 230 birds.