The ultimate African experience

Zimbabwe is home to a wide variety of nature reserves, where you can experience an authentic safari experience and connect with wildlife without the crowds.

It also shares with Zambia the world-famous Victoria Falls, a spectacle of nature that is a must-see once in a lifetime.


The Victoria Falls, a World Heritage Site on the Zambezi River, is the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe at almost 1,700 metres, making it the longest waterfall in the world.. In the middle of the stunning scenery isLivingstone Island, so called because it was the place where the explorer first saw the falls. This enclave offers many activities such as bungee jumping, rafting, or flying over the falls in a helicopter.



The largest nature reserve in Zimbabwe, and the least known. Hwange is home to all the large African predators, and also has one of the largest populations of wild dogs in Africa. This Natural Park is the perfect destination for a virtually solitary safari, with no crowds. You will also stay in the‘wildest’ lodges, where you can watch lions hunting from your bed just a few metres from the camp.



This wildlife conservation area extends over more than 200,000 hectares. In this region of the lower Zambezi River, the water plain becomes a vast expanse of lakes after each rainy season.

As the lakes gradually dry up, many animals are attracted in search of water, which is why this area is one of the most famous in Africa for game viewing.


This National Park, located in south-western Zimbabwe about 35 kms from Bulawayo, forms the core of the Matobo Hills, an area of granite hills, rocks and wooded valleys.

Sleep in a lodge carved out of the rocks, or go on a walking safari to spotrhino, which are abundant in the area.