A unique and wonderful journey

After being picked up by the charter flight in Johannesburg, we landed directly at the airstrip in Ngangane, Botswana, where we were welcomed with open arms and very kindly taken to the lodge. On arrival we were welcomed with a cocktail and snacks, as we were hungry.

As we entered the room we were amazed at how beautiful and cosy it was, decorated in an African style and we couldn’t wait to start our adventure.

The next day a fabulous private breakfast buffet awaited us.

After breakfast the guide took us on an open vehicle safari to see animals and we were amazed to see, shortly after leaving, a couple of huge elephants and giraffes.

After seeing a lot of animals, we went to the lodge where a delicious meal awaited us. They cook dishes with different meats and fish, typical of the area.

In the afternoon we took the Quads and Buggys on our own on the different routes we were given to choose from, it was a hilarious experience, as we got lost a couple of times but we found each other very quickly again.

From Monday to Wednesday we visited the different corners of the beautiful estate.

On Thursday we left early for the Chobe National Park, on the way we had breakfast at a Nata Lodge and then continued on our way to Chobe.

Along the way we saw different animals, but what we liked the most was seeing all those elephants and the elephant beware! signs along the road.

Once we arrived at the lodge, we left our bags in the rooms and went on a boat safari! It was amazing! Not only did you have the elephants at the foot of the canyon but you could also see the hippos right next to the boat! At the end of the boat trip we could see a beautiful Sundowner from the boat.

The next day in the morning we went by safari car to the park, where we could see a leopard, severallions and many other animals! And in the afternoon we did the boat safari again, as we loved it.

On Sunday we headed to Victoria Falls, which was amazing!

In the evening we dined in a restaurant called “Boma” and had an unforgettable evening.

On Monday and Tuesday we were taken to Hwange National Park, where we were greeted by a herd of elephants just a few metres from the terrace of our room as soon as we arrived. We spent 2 very exciting nights there, as the rooms were tented (what they would now call ‘glamping’), it was like sleeping in the middle of nature!

On Wednesday we headed for Ngangane again, passing through Nata for lunch.

The last few days we were in Ngangane again to see the Sundowner from one of its spectacular viewpoints.

All in all, they couldn’t have planned a better trip for us, it had everything it needed to have: fun, emotions, nerves, spectacular moments, and so much more. The day I go back to Africa I will not hesitate to hire Mowana to organise the trip.

Thank you so much for this incredible and unique experience!

Caballero Family

August 2019