A tropical oasis made up of atolls

Located on top of a vast underwater mountain range , the Maldives are a set of idyllic islands surrounded by the translucent waters of the Indian Ocean. The complex and vibrant coral atolls They truly live up to expectations: the sheer beauty of the coral reef, the cyan blue waters, the horizon of coconut palms, the whitest sandy beaches you’ve ever seen, and the seclusion of this tropical oasis.

Dive into the rich waters of the Maldives, discovering cantilevers, oddly shaped pinnacles, underwater caves and coral gardens. Look graceful turtles , whale sharks , stingrays reef and even the colossal whale. Snorkel in the lagoons among schools of colorful fish that inhabit the underwater coral caverns. For those more comfortable on the water, embark on a catamaran trip , watch whales make their way and dolphins frolic, or enjoy all that your island has to offer.