The secret of South Africa

With more than 2500 km of virgin tropical islands offering unique diving and snorkeling sites within protected Marine Reserves, as well as a rich and fascinating history, do you need more reasons to visit Mozambique?

Thanks to the fact that it is still a hidden gem , Mozambique is your ideal off-the-beaten-path destination if you want to escape the crowds. For a truly vacation adventurous that combine beach and nature, you can combine Mozambique with a safari in East Africa or South Africa.

Mozambique has five islands that can be visited, namely, Benguerra , Bazaruto , Santa carolina , Banque Y Magaruque . When exploring the underwater world, you can expect to see dolphins, endangered dugongs , turtles, stingrays, whales and many more. The lakes offer sightings of crocodiles, the Suni antelope and fascinating flamingos.