We would like to welcome you to our travel design project exclusively for Africa, MOWANA TRAVEL, and tell you briefly how it came about, from the hand of its founder:

For many years, my family has been passionate about Africa, adventure, safarisand animals. From the first moment I had the opportunity to set foot here, I fell head over heels in love with its sunsets, its wildlife, the most spectacular natural sites I have ever seen, and its people.

A few years ago, we acquired an animal reserve in Botswana, NGANGANE, which is now open to the public for photographic safari trips, and which many of our travellers have already had the opportunity to visit and enjoy. And I can assure you that everyone was delighted! In addition, the farm offers fun quad biking routes and a much more familiar atmosphere than in any other African destination.

The more I travelled to the reserve, the more fascinated I became with other destinations in Southern Africa. I have had the opportunity to explore many different places in neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and each one is unique and special. I started a personal project, to give other people the opportunity to go on safari, to see animals, such as lions, elephants, leopards, giraffes and others, travelling to Africa as I have had the opportunity to do. Open one eye at dawn at 4:30 in the morning and see lions hunting buffalo from bed. On my travels I always missed having a guide, preferably in Spanish, to show me the real Africa. Those experiences that I have been able to live thanks to my desire to explore and get away from the typical tours, but that I couldn’t live with agencies. So I finally decided to make a career change, and embarked on that ‘dream’ of mine, a boutique travel agency specialising in Africa. Well, here we are!

One of our premises is not to offer any site that we have not previously been to, tried and explored first hand. That is why we are adding destinations little by little, such as those in East Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar…

The greatest satisfaction for me is to see how my travellers come back in love with Africa, and that is why we design tailored trips, knowing you beforehand, because just like every person and every occasion, every trip and every experience becomes unique and unequalled. Some people are more adventurous, others prefer to do more than just safaris, such as visiting other places like Cape Town. A couple on honeymoon does not have the same interests as a group of friends or a family… That is why personalisation and getting to know us beforehand is one of the fundamental pillars of MOWANA.

And why Mowana? Mowana’ means‘baobab’ in Setswana, which is the official language in Botswana. This country is where my adventure was born, and it had to be present in this project in some way, and in the same way, baobabs are an icon of Africa in general, but it is here, specifically on Kubu Island, that I have seen the largest baobabs in the world! And suddenly MOWANA TRAVEL made all the sense in the world.

My aim is to connect you with the most authentic Africa and to give you the best trip of your life. So don’t hesitate any longer, contact me and I will try to advise you without obligation 🙂

A hug!


Verena Mulder

On Kubu Island, Botswana, where we find one of the largest baobabs (mowana) in the world. How? Exploring and going off the beaten track.

On my first safari, in Chobe National Park, Botswana, where I saw my first lion, I began to fall hopelessly in love with Africa.

Flying over the NGANGANE private reserve before landing on its dirt runway. Having the chance to fly in a private plane is one of the experiences I highly recommend!